Free Monthly Online Workshop

In recognition of the difficulties that parents have with their young children during the lockdowns and restrictions I’m offering you a unique opportunity to participate in a free online workshop to learn how to prevent the trauma from this current situation to be bottled inside their unconscious minds and affect them later in life.

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My program is designed and based on well-known and proven technique created by Joane Goulding called SleepTalk For Children®.  Taking just a few minutes each day you will transform the life of your family forever, increase your child’s emotional resilience and increase their sense of self-worth. The positive influence of this technique flows onto reducing the child’s anxiety and stress, developing a positive self-confidence, and empowering them to manage, improve and balance their behaviour. This in turn will help the whole family to take their relationships to a deeper and more meaningful level, as well as experience closer and better communication.

The program has been approved by health professionals to manage and reverse negative and damaging behavioural tendencies to create a happy, calm and stress-free home environment.

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If your family is experiencing stress please contact me for a free consultation to outline details of the program.

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